Spring - Summer 2017 Look Book

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A copy of one subcontract bewtween Alpha Industries and John Ownbey Co. dated October 1979.
This contract is from the days of the Wynn Confederation. Alpha Industries had gotten the primary Field Jacket contract that year, and subbed it to John Ownbey Co. for actual manufacture. You can see that there were 46,680 jackets to be made, and the subcontract resulted in Alpha refunding $100 to the US Government agency in charge.



A collection of vintage, original John Ownbey Co labels. Dated from the 1950s on, these labels are from Genuine Issue vintage John Ownbey products.


Ownbey MA-1

This is a genuine issue, vintage MA-1 flight jacket from the early days as a government contractor.


Field Jacket

One of the Genuine Issue military M-65 Field Jackets. This is the original of the classic design that has inspired countless copies.



An overdyed vintage M-65 Cold Weather Field Jacket. This is just one of the many new and repurposed items available from John Ownbey Co.